Year 4 Three Day Residential to Arundel Sponsored by Arundel Cricket Foundation

Year 4 have had the most memorable sporting, cultural and environmental experiences ever, thanks to the generous support from ACF.  Our brilliant teachers and partners at Arundel have maximised the residential opportunities by linking our experiences from early years to history topics on castles, science links to life cycles and ecosystems, personal development exploring our interests and future geography skills for ordnance survey map reading. We have so much to talk about.


Throughout the 3 days there were many collaborative and individual opportunities to develop; creative thinking, resilience, team work, concentration, positivity and kindness through the spirit of cricket, exploring the rural and coastal environments.  See the photos, they are great. There was so much joy and fun to be had by pupils and staff.

'Special Thanks' to all staff and volunteers who made this fantastic for all.