Year 4 Kahlo Visit the British Museum

This half term Year 4 Kahlo class went to British Museum as they are learning about Ancient Egypt. They looked at objects connected with funerary practice in Ancient Egypt including mummies, coffins and other tomb artefacts. In the galleries they also explored about the use of modern technology for investigating mummies, with x-ray and CAT-scan images of some of the exhibits.

They investigated the development of early Egypt from the Stone Age to 3000BC and explored objects which reflect the change from a hunter-gatherer society to the beginnings of dynastic rule. On the display objects that they looked at are, pottery, stone tools, stone palettes and basketwork.

During the visit they also learnt about the relationship of Egypt with other ancient cultures of north-east Africa, particularly Nubia which lay directly to the south of ancient Egypt. The objects on display date from prehistory through to the medieval period.


Pranti - I am thankful that our teacher Moin took us to the British museum and we had fun activities! And thank you for the TAs who had hard work coming with us bye

Younis - I really liked this trip because it was really fun and educational I would like to go on it again or go on more trips in the future

Nuzhat - I really appreciated the trip my teacher took us to. We had a lot of fun and we learnt lots. I love going to the trip. I would like to thank STEWART HEADLAM for taking us to that amazing trip.

Liyana - During the trip I found out all about ancient Egypt. We learnt about Who were the ancient Egyptians, When did they start and when did they finished the reign, What did they wear and what did they eat, What is Mummification, and we explored about hieroglyphs and Pyramids. We used all these historical facts to write our Non-chronological report. We also had lots of fun on that day.

Gabriel - On this trip I explored all the historical facts about Ancient Egypt, for example, why was the Nile important to them, and how did they trade and travelled through river Nile, who were the Pharos, what is mummification, what they wore and ate and we also explored about hieroglyphs. It was an absolute fun day. Thanks to our teacher and TAs.

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