School Improvement Priorities

The SHH Federation priorities:

Raising attainment for all pupils including those who are disadvantaged to secure age related expectations for reading, writing and maths. We call this the combined RWM.

This objective is split 

1. English 

  • Early Reading - phonics

  • Writing across the curriculum

2. Maths

  • mastery - introducing NCETM Mastering Number in reception and KS1

Post Covid lockdowns and remote learning there is an emphasis on finding and filling the gaps across all year groups for core subjects, Englsh and Maths so that no child is left behind. 

3. The federation of Stewart Headlam and Hague schools are developing and refining a shared curriculum model for foundation subjects: art, computing, design and technology, geography, history, music PSHE, RE, Spanish and French for MFL.

  • The SHH Federation curriculum builds on our SHH EYFS Federation curriculum to Year 6.

  • The SHH Federation Curriculum Leaders of Learning support teaching and learning in both schools. 

4. Personal development and well-being.

This is a focus on embedding PSHE  from EYFS to Year 6 so that all children develop their confidence to be active learners with positive self esteem. 

  • Building on Teach Equal from EYFS and Jigsaw including  Relationships and Health Education.