Pupils Parliament - 25th November 2022

We were really fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Pupils Parliament this year. We took the responsibilities to represent our school to the E1 Partnership’s Pupils Parliament and found out how and when the government will be helping our communities about some of the topics. This year our topics for the discussions were: 

  • Crime and Anti Social Behaviour
  • Climate Change
  • The Environment

We have asked important questions to the pannel about the topics above during the question and answer session. Some of our questions were:  

  1. Schools are facing budget cuts, head teachers and teachers are stressed, children are worried as resources are being taken away, what hope can you give us today to believe that no more resources will be taken away?
  2. Why aren’t we treating climate change like an emergency in the same way we did with Covid-19?

Our questions have been greatly appreciated by the audience and by the MP Rushanara Ali.

She said, "Stewart Headlam School’s children’s questions are very important for the current climate."

After the question and answer session we joined in different workshops with other school’s children and teachers to prepare an action plan to present to the parliament and bring it back to school.

Here are some of our action plans:

  • To write a letter to the public transport minister to make the green man longer
  • To bring in professional into our school to share their experiences and motivate us for our career.
  • In the school introduce litter monitors
  • To have a ‘tidiest school’ competition where we clean the school and grow flowers to show our school is a safe and welcoming school
  • To introduce a school bake day to raise money
  • To have a competition based on ‘stop graffiti posters’

We enjoyed the opportunity to go to the pupils Parliament to ask questions and do a presentation with other schools.


Amani - Amazing 🤩 loved it learnt so much there

Unknown - Brilllianttttttt

aminul c. - I know this was on 25th November but it was something that will stick with me forever

Maliha,school coucillour - Receiving answers, and the experience was lovely.

Mehreen, school councillor - I had a great time listening to everyone’s ideas. I loved figuring out what we can do as schools to help stop these subjects: crime and antisocial behaviour, climate change, the cost of living crisis and homelessness.

faizan - It looked nice there

Liban, School Councillor - It was an honour to be part of this event and I had a lot of fun with the discussions. Gained a lot of experience!

Gabriel - I learnt a lot about the environment, crime and anti social behaviour, the cost of living and homelessness and climate change on this pupil parliament trip. I really liked the food they have given to us.

Sabina, school councillor - I had fun and I loved the food. Enjoyed it.

Aminul, school councillor - Great time. I loved meeting people.

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