Finance Information

Schools get two main streams of money from the Government. Their core funding – known as revenue funding – is the money that is spent on running costs, like salaries.  Schools also have capital funding which is for buildings.

All state-funded schools, whether they are academies or council-run schools, get their funding from the Government. Independent or private schools operate outside this system and raise their funding through fees.

Schools are funded on a per pupil basis.  We have a National Funding Formula (NFF) to make sure that a school’s per-pupil funding reflects a number of factors including the characteristics of their pupils (like how many pupils have fallen behind), how many pupils receive free school meals, the geographic location of the school (to reflect different salary costs) and much more.  

  • At Stewart Headlam School the number of children in EYFS is falling. This reduces the amount of money each school receives annually.  It is one of the reasons our school governors consulted with parents and the schools have been hard federated so that school leaders can work in strategic close partnership to share staff, curriculum leaders, and resources to great effect for the benefit of all children's education. 

The government finance benchmarking website shows annual expenditure and income.