Partnership Vision - Stronger Together

Who are we?

Our two schools came together in 2020 to strengthen the educational offer for our children and to increase our capacity to be agile in responding to the changing needs of our community in a period of financial restriction. Both schools have been significantly affected by the fall in pupil numbers in the west of the borough.  The partnership is of great, and equal benefit to both schools.

Together the Federation of Hague and Stewart Headlam have built an amazing shared leadership team, provided quality education and support for our children and families throughout the COVID pandemic.  We have strengthened our practice and built our federation teams during a real crisis. Our governors and leadership consulted the parent and school community in making the decision to hard federate.

The schools are stronger together and more resilient.  Our future is focused on blending the leadership and teaching expertise with maximising the use of shared resources. This will allow strategic flexibility to optimise our resources in the most effective way to allow our children to thrive.

What are the federation principles whilst we learn to work together?

High Ambition

To inspire all our children to have a love of learning so that they strive to achieve and be successful in doing so.

Broad Horizons

To provide a stimulating, progressive curriculum which offers enrichment opportunities for all children respecting their rights, responsibilities and individuality.

Proud Traditions

To take pride in our unique schools, celebrating each school’s traditions whilst growing in partnership to develop a new shared learning culture.


Choosing to do the right things, based on wisdom, research and values, even when it’s hard or no-one is looking so that we have trust between us and the community.

So, what does it mean in practice?


Building a united team with excellent skills across the pastoral and national curriculum in a Rights Respecting Culture


Considering how best to use our buildings across the two schools for maximum benefit to pupils, staff and community.


Reviewing whether we need one, two or more sets of resources, or fewer top quality resources that are shared.


Optimising the use of our money to deliver the best possible impact and outcomes for our children


Evaluating our work and constantly striving for excellence through strong strategic direction.

What do we need to do?

For our staff

  • Identify opportunities and need for professional development across all staff teams; including opportunities for staff to work across both schools and outside comfort zones for career development.
  • Train staff to maintain and improve skills, coach and provide feedback for success
  • Be aware of workload and be as flexible for staff as possible to address this
  • Value and support each staff member and team.

With our buildings

  • Maximise our additional spaces to develop curriculum specific rooms
  • Consider whether we need all facilities on both sites or could some be shared?
  • Review whether our children are all accessing the best possible outdoor experiences
  • Evaluate whether more flexible use of our buildings could better support inclusion
  • Reflect on the potential for community use of our buildings, including childcare, stay and play etc.

With our resources

  • Share specialist inclusion and pastoral resources
  • Maximise resources through joint year group planning
  • Plan for curriculum resources across two schools
  • Consider how to re-use resources to reduce waste, avoid disposable and non-recyclable resources
  • Maintain and build external partnerships with local schools, businesses, charities and trusts which fit  with our vision, values and ambitions.

To manage our money

  • Ensure skilled financial planning
  • Evaluate the impact of spend
  • Maximise value for money
  • Target spend to address need
  • Reduce waste

To ensure strong governance

  • Oversee financial performance of the school and ensuring money is well spent
  • Hold the Executive head teacher and school leadership to account
  • Ensure respect, safeguarding, equalities, inclusion and access for staff, children and the school community
  • Plan the strategic direction of the school
  • Support and challenge a schools' community that drives school improvement for the benefit of all

Strategic SHH Federation ideas for the future

For children

  • Any changes we make must be driven by a desire to provide the best possible experience and education for our children.

For staff

  • Use a combination of recognised external training, coaching and feedback to further develop best practice and federation expertise.
  • Be aware of workload and well-being issues for staff. Be flexible and creative address and manage this
  • Value each staff member and staff team.

With our buildings

  • Would our early years children have a better experience if we had one world class Nursery rather than two?
  • Could we create a community welcome area in one of our buildings?
  • Could we create specialist rooms – an art room? A science lab? A music centre?

With our resources

  • Are there specialist resources we could afford if shared between schools?
  • Could we create a single AMAZING library?
  • Can we improve our recycling?
  • Can we maximise and strengthen business, charity and trust links which offer added value to our federation curriculum and pastoral offer so that they are sustainable.


  • Evaluate which interventions have the strongest impact across both schools
  • Run an early intervention long term impact research study
  • Review our finance  and accounting systems

With governors

  • Recheck – does our governors’ skill set match our ambition and our community?
  • Organise strategic financial planning and evaluation courses for governors.