Year 6 - Ringsfield Residential 2022 - Day 3


Nunu - Well done Ekram, everyone is haveing fun which is great to see. Please share pictures of the children who are missing from the current photo’s.

Year 6 Child - I liked being at Suffolk, especially the beach so I hope I always remember those memories :).

Muhammed - Great photos! Can you please upload some pics of the children who cannot be seen in the pictures you've uploaded. Thank you.

Sana khan - They look very nice .The picture looks great when there eating a apple, I wish the next picture can be [child's name] in another activity .

Sue Walsh - It looks and sounds as if everyone is having an amazing time! Great to see everyone smiling, learning and having fun in such a beautiful environment.

Jiasmin Akter - - Now I feel much better to see everybody. They enjoy their trip....thank you.

Judy Knappett - Great pictures - love the tasty foraging and fire pit. All looks really good fun. More photos of farm to follow as school gets them. Thank you to all staff who volunteer their time to make this trip possible year on year. My 1st school journey was in 1993, nearly 30 years ago! Every year is so special. Enjoy!!

Rushna - Thanks for sharing the pictures, great to see the children having a great time. Please share some pictures of the other children too :-)

Nina Basit - It’s lovely to see all the children having a good time. Thank you to all staff and adults there for making it so amazing.

Sharmin Rumi - Everybody looks very happy. Well done Ekram and others. Keep us posted. Thanks.

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