Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Hague School is committed to and promotes inclusive behaviour and attitudes through our curriculum, teaching, learning, behaviour and ethos. We have a Deaf Resource Base (DRB) for up to 16 children.

If your child has additional learning needs or a disability it is helpful to fully inform the school of the exact nature so that we can plan to effectively meet the needs of the child allowing them to access the curriculum and life of the school. Our aim is for all children to have access to a full curriculum and all aspects of school life within school resources and capacity.

Adults model use of rights respecting, inclusive language and behaviour.

Neelma Begum - Our SHH Federation SENCo/Inclusion Manager works across both federation schools. She is happy to discuss support for learning and additional needs.
Kelly Hitchins - Teacher of the Deaf – EYFS / KS1    
Kyrie Clarke - Teacher of the Deaf – KS2    

Contact via the school office.


Our old Edwardian building has been adapted for deaf and partially hearing children. Unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchair access beyond the ground floor, but we recognise that not all disabled children have restricted mobility. We recommend parents whose children have Special Educational Needs and or disabilities meet with the Head of School, Inclusion Manager or Teachers of the Deaf to discuss their application to the school.

The Deaf Resource Base (DRB)

The Deaf Resource Base (DRB) is a mainstream provision. We can accommodate up to 16 deaf and partially hearing pupils usually 2 children per year group. All classrooms are acoustically adapted to the needs of deaf and partially hearing children.

We offer specialist learning support for pupils in SHH Federation Nursery to Year 6. The Deaf Resource Base is an asset to the whole school – it makes us more aware of communication barriers to learning and the importance of inclusion for all.

The DRB is led and managed by qualified Teachers of the Deaf. They are experienced, specialist class teachers who support inclusive class practice for children with a moderate to severe hearing loss. Pupils with a range of hearing losses are helped to develop language skills, to make progress in their social and emotional development and to have confidence to learn.

We have links with many professional agencies for support with audiology and other related needs. Speech and language therapists work with learning support staff, the pupils and their families.

SEND Offer

Deaf Provision

For information about how the local authority can support children with special educational needs or disabilities, see Tower Hamlets Local Offer.