School Council

Pupils’ ideas and recommendations are reflected in the school improvement plan.

The School Council have supported whole school consultation on the development of Hague School  Values leading to the termly celebration of Hague ‘Star Values Awards Assembly’.

Marhan designed the winning Hague School Values Emblem. Pupils, staff and Governors overwhelmingly opted for this design.

Hague is part of East 1 Schools Partnership. We have the  ‘E1 Pupil Parliament’. Councillors will take part in discussions and debates between school councillors from Swanlea Secondary School and 6 local primary schools. The debates and action plans have a predominantly local environmental, ecological and rights respecting focus.

School Council influences decisions to support charitable causes such Islamic Relief and Comic Relief. As school ambassadors they are often asked to represent the school.

As the skills and confidence of School Councilors grow pupils work with staff on School Improvement Priorities for the coming year.