Starting School in September 2024

The policy and arrangements for all admission to the school, Nursery, Reception and In-Year are set out on the Tower Hamlets website.

Nursery Admissions

See Starting Nursery in Tower Hamlets 2024

Stewart Headlam and Hague Schools have a shared Federation Nursery Class based at Hague Primary School. Wilmot Street, Bethnal Green E2 0BP. 

We are listed as No 57 on Pg 9 of Starting Nursery in Tower Hamlets. Look on the map for:  No 57 - Stewart Headlam and Hague Federation Nursery.

The single site nursery for the 2 schools allows us to provide a more flexible offer for parents including:

  • Universal: 15 hours a week: part-time Monday to Friday
  • 15 hours: full time for eligible families i.e two working parents.

To start your application use the E-admission Portal to apply to our ‘Outstanding’ SHH Federation Nursery Provision or

Nursery Admissions you must apply before the 16th February 2024.

Reception Admissions - September 2024

See Starting Primary School in Tower Hamlets 2024

Now your child is in a nursery class, the next task in the Autumn Term is to apply for a Reception Class place at one of your preferred schools for September 2024.

Please note, it is not an automatic transfer to Hague or Stewart Headlam. You must apply before the deadline 16th January 2024.

To start your application for Reception Class at either Hague School or Stewart Headlam School please use the E-admission Portal or

Hague is school no 20 and Stewart Headlam is school no 60.

Parents who are new to Hague and Stewart Headlam.  Look out for our open sessions in November, December and January.

Do come to visit:  The SSH Federation EYFS including Nursery is a fantastic experience for our youngest learners.


In-Year Admissions

You can apply for in-year admission if

  • you are moving house to Tower Hamlets, or moving house in Tower Hamlets and your child cannot continue at their school
  • your child is being educated at home and you want them to attend a mainstream school instead
  • your child is already at school, but you want to move them to a different school
  • you are without a nursery place and you want to apply for a place.

See Tower Hamlets website for more information about In Year Admissions and application via the In Year Admissions Parent Portal.

SEN Application for Hague School’s Deaf Resource Base (DRB) for children who are deaf or partially hearing.

Hague is an inclusive school with a Deaf Resource Base for children who have moderate to severe hearing loss. The children are auditory aural learners. We have capacity for up to 16 children across Nursery– Year 6. Children are usually referred to Hague DRB via Tower Hamlets Special Needs Team. Children’s EHCP states attending a DRB.

The children are fully integrated into the mainstream classes supported by Qualified Teachers of the Deaf and Teaching Assistants. Children have access to a Speech Therapist in school. The mainstream setting is most suitable for children who are auditory aural learners able to access learning through spoken word.

Please note we do not provide signed provision for teaching. Culloden Primary School in Tower Hamlets has a signing provision for deaf children.

Parents considering a place at Hague should visit the school too discuss their application with the Teachers of the Deaf /Inclusion Manager before completing the Tower Hamlets Common Application Form CAF for a nursery or primary place.