Governors' Consultation

The Governors' Consultation for Stewart Headlam, Hague and Swanlea Schools has now closed.

The School Governors from Stewart Headlam, Hague and  Swanlea, thank you so much for your contribution to the consultation on the proposal to federate Hague, Stewart Headlam and Swanlea Schools.

We are pleased to inform you that after due consideration of the benefits and challenges of the proposal on November 2nd, both Governing Bodies voted to move forward as a Federation from January 1st 2024. We believe strongly that strengthening our partnership in this way will be of benefit for our local community and all our students.

For those of you who are interested to read further, the final report from our independent consultant and the responses to questions raised during the consultation are available to read below.

 September 11th  - October 30th  2023

The Governors of Stewart Headlam and Hague Schools' Federation in partnership with Swanlea Secondary School Governors propose to consult staff, parents, the local authority and local schools on their proposal to have one shared Governing Body for the 3 schools.

  • Please see the documents attached. They outline and explain the reasons for this proposed course of action and the consultation process. 
  • We would very much like it if you could respond to the consultation feedback form once you have read the information attached below or attended the parent meeting listed.

The first online parent information meeting is on Wednesday 13th September 5:00pm – 5:45pm.  An online link will be circulated to you via school email. 

Parents and staff can access an On-line consultation response form this link:

View Consultation Form

Governing Body Consultation on the proposal to Federate Swanlea, Hague and Stewart Headlam Schools to have one shared Governing Body